Could I say something…?

December 2, 2009

I have come to the place in life where I realize  resistance is truly futile. The modes of communication are now soundly set and and centered upon the internet.  And if I don’t get on with ‘it’ (‘it’ being the corporate conversation that takes place on the internet daily) I will have drastically undercut my ability to engage with culture, encourage hearts, proclaim truth and ultimately make an impact.  So, yeah, I want in… in to the corporate conversation.

I have had a successful run at keeping tweets flowing for the last 7 months. I believe I am now qualified to have a blog and actually keep it up to date.  I am excited about the prospects of participating in the conversation.

– raises hand- “Pardon me, could I say something…? “


3 responses to Could I say something…?


    Cool! Looking forward to it!


    welcome to blogging…


    Sounds good man. Glad to see you’re blogging.