Someone Named Damn

December 16, 2009

I am pretty sure if you look up the word precocious in the dictionary you will find a pic of this little guy.

That’s Siah, my 8-year old.  He’s my middle boy and has all the distinguishing personality traits to prove it.  He can ROCK on the drums, He loves to laugh(and cry), doesn’t know his own strength (especially when playing with his little brother) and has a vocabulary that challenges most 20-yr olds.

Last week upon leaving our Sunday service, someone left a gift bag of cookies for my family. I was on the way out, picked up the bag and glanced at the tag just long enough to realize that I didn’t recognize the name. When I came home I set the bag down, mentioned it to my wife and got intentionally distracted with the Falcons game. (Oh, Lord, please allow the Falcons to win their next 3 games)

Later on, with incredulous excitement, Siah proclaimed “We got a present from someone named Damn! You know, Damn, like the cus word?!?”

There was freedom in his voice.  He was actually saying a cus word in a “legal” way. “Surely” he thought, “if the person’s name is Damn, then it’s gotta be ok for me to say it.”

He continued, “Maybe it’s Dam, like Suwannee Dam. But what a crazy name!”

It wasn’t actually until a few hours later that we even considered what He had said.  You have to understand; Siah says so many funny things that we actually started keeping a quote list to remember the comments. 80% of the quotes are from him, with my other two guys rounding out the final 20%.

We looked at the tag again to decipher exactly what was the name on the card. Upon further investigation the name was D’ann, written in cursive, at a glance very similar looking to the word Dam.  The 8-year old was right… in a sense.

A couple thoughts I took away from this story…

If your name is D’ann thanks for the cookies and you might consider spelling your name phonetically, something like Deanne might do.

Cus words aren’t really cus words if they’re someone’s name, especially if you’re 8.

The stuff I enjoy most in life doesn’t generally happen because of a special event it happens because of special people.  If you enjoy your special people  you will enjoy your life. Siah is definitely at the top of my ‘special people’ list.


3 responses to Someone Named Damn

    Latasha McAlpine December 16, 2009 at 9:26 am



    I know what you mean Billy. Elijah and Siah are much alike,all you can do at times is laugh! And I can witness that about Siah I have seen him in action.


    Cracking up…because I have one like him.