2010: A Few Thoughts About What’s Coming

January 7, 2010

I’m taking a day off today mostly because I’ve run hard for the last 13 days without a day off.  Most of that time I spent in KC for the Onething Conference and Leadership Summit.  Both were exceptional.  And to be honest… I got blasted at the IHOPU Awakening meetings.  I needed it.

Today I am at home resting and returning email and also sputtering and coughing like an old buick courtesy of the cold I caught while in sub 0 degree weather in KC.

Though my throat is scratchy, my heart is full from the previous week of encounter I’v had with the Lord. I believe the Lord has much in store for the coming decade and 2010 (I think twenty-ten is the best way to say it) as well.

The following isn’t necessarily prophetic just some thoughts about what I think this year may hold. Incidentally, all of this is written to the sound of my bulldog snoring profusely; think terradactyl mixed with a chainsaw and you get the picture.

From non-spiritual and spiritual sources, I think it’s likely we may see calamity hit the U.S. this year.  Whether it’s a food shortage, or a terrorist attack I don’t know… I’m leaning toward both.  I don’t say this to scare you just to say that I am going to prepare my home and the house of prayer to be sober and aware.

I expect the recession to deepen, not lessen in the coming year.  There are lots of natural reasons as to why this is likely.

At the same time, I feel like this year is going to be a year that we will experience a greater measure of the Spirit’s power in the church.  I expect the IHOPU Student Awakening to deepen and spread. I believe the Lord will open other wells of refreshing around the nation. Look for an increase in the move of His Spirit.  I believe the Lord wants to restore the Secret Place to His bride, that she may find confidence in love through intimacy with Him.  Renewal is an invitation to encounter, not just in meetings, but in the secret place with the Lord (Song 2:14).

I think the prayer movement is going to gain momentum this year and in this decade.  Right now people are just beginning to gain understanding of what it is and what their part may be in it. (here’s a good resource that explains the prayer movement : )

The time is ripe for the Praying Church to arise in the earth.  God is calling His people to be a praying, prophetic people doing acts of compassion and justice, unto fulfilling the great commission and seeing the return of the Lord Jesus.

Ultimately I am excited for what this year holds.  Much may change.  That’s ok. We need a massive reformation in the church and our society. Shaking is coming, it’s just a matter of when. God is kind enough to shake us from our complacency in order to bring us to burning passionate love. I would prefer the Lord to bring a shaking than for us to continue in our trance-like, luke-warm stupor.

My plan for this year is to seek the Lord while He may be found.  Call upon Him while He is near.  Lean into fasting and prayer and give myself to doing justly and walking humbly before God. If we establish justice in the gates, I believe we will find the Lord’s favor (Amos 5:15).

I think 2010 may be a difficult year, but I believe it will be a good year. Romans 5:3-5 may be a great help to us this year, knowing that tribulation, produces perseverance… and ultimately hope that doesn’t disappoint.


3 responses to 2010: A Few Thoughts About What’s Coming


    Great post bro!

    The church needs a good shaking, and so does my own heart. Like you, I’m setting my heart to go low in prayer, fasting, humility, and servanthood because I want to actually have something to stand on in the midst of the shaking. Oh the joy of having our feet planted in the low place and having a confession of “Lord, my own heart and life needed this shaking, thank you for it” when things start to get crazy!

    Much love from KC!


    Billy, The cold you have has now reached the east and west coast…all of the Rock House of Prayer leaders in California have it!! I loved your report!! These are the same things we are seeing. I start my CERT training on Saturday to come alongside the city in the event of terrorism and or food shortage. The one addition I have is that COMMUNITY (actully living togehter will increase both in the prayer culture and the world we live in) …John 17:20-23 will be lived out in so many ways… Blessings!! Mike


    Blessings to you Brother in Christ! What you are sensing from Holy Spirit for 2010, many of us at our church’s Intercessory prayer group also are feeling from the Lord. Great post Man of God! I have been following the IHOPU student awakening on the webstream. Oh how I have been blessed! It is so glorious to just tune in and enjoy Daddy’s Presence. Pappa has been longing for His child bride to focus only on her Daddy and Bridegroom. The coming shaking is lovingly designed to do just that. We will turn our gaze away from other lovers and run to Him when comfort zones ( flirting zones) come down. Rest well under the shadow of His Wings my friend, and that’s a great place to be! Paul