Faith like a Child & Ravenous Hunger

March 2, 2010

As a young believer I remember hearing testimonies of men and women who had experienced power encounters with God. I had been saved from a life of dark sin and adopted the mentality that since I had gone after sin with great fervency I wanted to pursue God with even greater passion.  I wanted all that God had.

I remember hearing a minister named Joe Morris tell stories of historic revivals as well as modern day miracles. My heart was branded with a deep desire to go as far and deep in God as God would take me. I was marked with a longing to see a genuine move of the Spirit of God sweep through our nation and the nations of the earth. From that time til now a deep passion for God and for revival has never left me. It has ebbed and flowed with greater or lesser intensity at different seasons in my life, but in general this deep craving to experience God in reality, supernaturally, has continued to burn in me. And today, with this recent move of the Spirit of God at IHOP-Atlanta, the hunger for God in my soul has once again crested.

Bottom line: I want Jesus; without man-made limitations or humanly imposed restrictions. I want all of Him in whatever way He wants to reveal Himself. Whether He wants to come via a still small voice or a mighty rushing wind, I want Him. Whether He wants to release marvels and wonders or simple revelations to my heart, I’m aching for Him. The greatest gift God can give to humankind is a greater revelation of Himself.  To this I say consume me and reduce me, Living Flame of Love, that more of You may be manifest and reside in my soul.

Jesus spent much of His earthly ministry, rewriting the script of religious mentalities that men had formed about God. He rebuked the religious leaders while ministering in power to the simple. He rejoiced in the fact that God had hidden the truths and treasures of the Kingdom from the “wise and prudent” and revealed them to “babes.”(Mat 11:25).

I can see in my own life where religious ideas about God have inhibited my faith and therefore my ability to go after the depths of God. Through this renewal I am experiencing a paradigm shift that’s bringing me to faith like a child. If Jesus related to himself as a child of the Father, how much more should you and I embrace a simple, child-like, non-cynical faith?

I believe childlike faith is a great aid to spiritual hunger. For when you believe like a child the true idealism of faith is restored in you. When you believe like a child all things are truly possible. And when you believe that all things are possible your heart expects to experience the “all things” of God. When you have faith like a child you will have ravenous hunger for God. Ahhh…my heart’s aching even now.

Renewal continues at IHOP-Atlanta at least through the month of March. The meetings are Fridays & Saturdays at 7pm and Sundays at 6pm. This past weekend was simply POWERFUL. I was so touched and simultaneously so gripped with a desire for more of God.

My favorite testimony from this weekend was the girl who was born with two of the bones in her foot fused together. This caused her great pain if she tried to stand for a long time or walk for distances. She received prayer two weeks ago after a word of knowledge that God was healing someone’s feet.  She felt heat come upon her foot. The next day she noticed she didn’t have any pain.  She tested it out for two weeks to make sure it was healed. She knew God had healed her when she went on a 5 mile hike with her dad and experienced no pain! She is totally healed! THANK YOU JESUS!

Once again all I can say is that simple phrase that are the only words that aptly convey the desire of my heart… MORE LORD! Hope to see you this weekend at IHOP-Atlanta.


4 responses to Faith like a Child & Ravenous Hunger


    Even a little baby has enough to cry out whe she’s hungry. 🙂 Good stuff Billy H!
    Miss you,


    Even tho He is in Texas too, I am crying out “Oh Lord, save some for us! We will be there the end of March!”
    We love you all,


    Hey did you see about the earthquake in Turkey? The quote on MSNBC was “‘Everything has been knocked down, there is not a stone in place,’ said Yadin Apaydin, administrator for the village of Yukari Kanatli, where he said at least three villagers died”

    That’s just crazy to me that he says that no stone is left unturned, eh?


    tell me more! IM SO HUNNNGRYYY!! “” where can i get more info about revival? how can i change this generation? how can i stay sober for His return?!!