Back in the Game

December 14, 2010

Due to an all encompassing move of the Spirit from Jan – Oct that culminated with 25 decisions for Christ, 40 Baptisms and 1000+/- testimonies of healing and deliverance… my blog has been dormant for several months.

I don’t feel bad about it though, because I’d take a move of the Spirit over an active blog any day of the week.

In addition to that, Maribeth and I have a new addition.  In September she gave birth to our fourth child, Mariah (Riah) Rain.  She is AWESOME! The love of our lives!

Now that things have settled down a bit, or as much as they ever do in my life, I am getting back in the blogging game.  It’s amazing the amount of focus it takes to do this well.

Alright, here goes…I’m getting back in the game.


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