Back in the Game

April 23, 2012

After four months off preaching I am back in the game. I am at the end of a sorely needed preaching sabbatical. For nearly 20 years I preached 2-4 times weekly with almost no breaks. I had vacations during the last 20 years, but to the best of my knowledge, I never went more than 3 weeks without preaching a sermon. Yeah, crazy.

It’s difficult to explain what can happen to you when you never pause, reflect, detach and regroup. You get going on auto-pilot and though you don’t want to be cold, you find that your heart doesn’t move the way it used to. You say all the right things and are even able to move a crowd, but your eyes lack tears and your heart lacks fire. It took a few months, but I found my tears again and the internal flame is burning more brightly than it has in some time. Thank you Jesus.

I’ve gained a lot of perspective and the Lord has refreshed some strands of my DNA that have laid dormant. I was greatly impacted by the time I spent with some Chinese believers & leaders. The brand of Christianity they live is rare in the West. I am very grateful that I feel the refreshing wind of the Lord on my heart again – that is something no believer should ever live without.

These last 4 months have not been earth shattering, most seasons in Christ aren’t, but it has been invigorating and, I feel, very important. There’s no way for me to explain everything the Lord did in me, nor should I. To be honest I am not so sure of everything He did myself. I will, though, take the next few blogs and share with you some of the key thoughts the Lord highlighted to me. Here’s the topics:

Weakness & Meekness

Servanthood & Love

The Simplicity of the Gospel

The House of Prayer & the Call to the Nations

I hope the Lord encourages you as He has me these last few months. I am glad to be back.


5 responses to Back in the Game


    AWESOME!! Looking forward to the blogs coming up!! I can see the Weakness and Meekness behind this blog… but I can also see God behind it all! 🙂


    Wonderful topics, I look forward to reading them! I also enjoy the many topics related to the forerunner message available on your podcast. I worked for years to bring my church into the ihop world, much credit goes to the podcast; they prefer your teaching style over anyone elses, you’re on all their ipods. On the podcast parts 1-3 of The Beauty of the Lord were never uploaded, just part 4 only, is that a subject you ever plan to revisit or are they available in another form?


      Thanks for the kind words. The beauty of the Lord series was recorded way back when we only posted 1 message a month and didn’t have a podcast archive. Unfortunately we don’t have those messages. Maybe I’ll do that series again in a day ahead.


    I was just meeting with Josh Hawkins to talk about my church’s role in the prayer movement/praying church and how to bring them into it and the revelation of intercession and ministry to the Lord and he said to email you to see if you had any notes on the praying church, that you knew a lot about the subject, from your pre-ihopatl days. And then in perfect timing, it looks like that’s what on your heart right now! So if you do have anything my email is thekeyofdavid at gmail dot com. Either way bless you and thank you!