Prayer AND Missions: The New Normal

April 23, 2013

Cross On Map-250x338The rumblings of the convergence of prayer and missions continue to sound forth from leaders in the body of Christ. In September, 2012 at the Call2All in Kansas City, key mission and prayer leaders like Loren Cunningham(YWAM), Dick Eastman(Every Home for Christ), George Verwer(Operation Mobilization), Steve Douglass(Campus Crusade), Mike Bickle(IHOPKC), Lou Engle(TheCall), Luis Bush(Transform World) and others along with a full convention of delegates came together in unity to strategize the final frontier of world missions: The gospel to every tribe, tongue, people and nation. You can read a brief summary of the event here. The leaders of these organizations represent over 50,000 mission workers. The event was historic from the simple fact that these leaders all came  together in unity, purpose, vision and message.

At the event each leader affirmed their belief that Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:14 will be realized within a generation. What’s more each affirmed the necessity of night and day prayer to power the gospel  through the remaining hardest and darkest regions of the earth. In my mind, this event marked a turning point in the global prayer and missions movements. No longer is there a prayer movement and a missions movement, these movements are one. With this affirmation from so many key leaders, the trajectory is set for the next generation, prayer and missions will flow together.

I have waited to comment on this event because I wanted to see what would happen in the wake of it. Over the last six months I have watched these concepts gain more and more momentum. In fact virtually everywhere I turn, leaders are talking about establishing a culture of prayer as the normal basis of all their ministry and mission efforts. We truly are in a transformational moment in the church.

I don’t believe that prayer and missions together is simply a momentary hot topic that will fade in a few years. Prayer AND Missions together is the new normal in the body of Christ. God is drawing His bride to Him in intimacy, touching her with a deep desire for communion in prayer and in the secret place sharing His heart with her for the lost. From the place of intimate devotion He’s filling the church with passion to see Jesus receive the love and honor due Him from the nations of the earth.

While this convergence seems like a new thing to many of us, as I have written, it’s not new to God. In God’s mind prayer and mission were never supposed to be apart. His agenda to wrap up this age has always been a global prayer movement, powering the global proclamation of the gospel and releasing the end time drama that culminates in global harvest and Jesus’ return.

I know many of you are burning with this vision. God is putting it in the hearts of many. If you have a heart for the nations I want to encourage you get trained and launched and I’d like to help you. Check out ACTSSCHOOL.COM. The training program of ACTS equips you with a culture of prayer and launches you with a team to an international mission destination.

If you have any thoughts on Prayer and Mission, or any questions on getting trained and sent, comment below.