Video Interview: Dave Sliker on Gay Marriage

May 3, 2013


2 responses to Video Interview: Dave Sliker on Gay Marriage


    This amazingly complex, emotional issue is an enormous litmus test for people in the arts, media, and other areas of culture. Thanks for posting this. It clears a lot of the stuff I’ve been thinking too hard about for the last 20 years. Culture demands tolerance and much of the church hasn’t provided clear answers & guidelines. Huge value add – thanks again.


    I totally took notes! I really love the heart that desires for young people to be armed with confidence because ultimately it’s hard to give a gentle answer when you’re unstable. Also, the simple truth that we cannot let the government define ideas that were never theirs to begin with is much needed in a generation who is consistently getting told what to believe and never asking or raising questions because of insecurity. Thank you guys! đŸ™‚