5 Keys to Make Prayer Meetings More Enjoyable

May 30, 2013

worshipIf you’ve been in church a little while, it’s likely you’ve been to a rough prayer meeting or two. What I mean by rough is a meeting that wasn’t exactly exhilarating; a meeting that you went away from more burdened than when you came. I’ve been to a few in my life. Ok, if I’m honest, I’ve led a few. The Bible promises that we’ll be joyful in His presence. If that’s the case why are our prayer meetings at times so … boring? I’ve come to find that there are certain elements that can really help our prayer meetings become, dare I say it, enjoyable.

1. Combine Worship & Prayer – Revelation 4 & 5 give us one of the clearest pictures in Scripture of the heavenly throne room. One key feature in the throne room is that the worship and prayer are mingled together. There are moments of intercession where those in the heavenly court cry out for justice on the earth and there are moments where the myriads of saints and angels are enraptured in ecstatic worship. These moments flow seamlessly together. Rather than doing a prayer meeting…do a worship and prayer meeting, combining worship with your prayers. You will experience more of His presence in your meetings as you worship with your prayers.

2. Focus on the Majesty of the Lord – David gave us the example to follow. He said, “One thing I seek…to gaze on the beauty(majesty, glory) of the Lord all the days of my life.” When we set our hearts on the greatness of God in prayer and worship our vision is lifted. As we perceive His beauty we are invigorated and filled with faith. Through recognizing and meditating on His majesty we are able to pray into situations with hearts that are alive, touched with glory.

3. Keep it God Centered – Often in prayer meetings people spend a lot of time rebuking the devil and binding different demons. While I believe that there is a time and place to rebuke the devil, the main model of prayer that we see in the Scripture is God-centered. In other words, the prayers are directed to God asking for the release of His Kingdom rather than against the devil trying to stop his works of evil. The idea is if we turn on the light darkness will flee. Consider Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians, a church located in a city that had massive idol worship, “that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened…”

4. Sing in the Spirit – Often times we think of singing as the appetizer before the entree’. But I propose that singing is just as much the entree’ as anything else we do in prayer. And Biblically speaking, singing in the spirit is actually encouraged in the context of prayer. When you sing in the spirit, in tongues, your heart begins to flow with the Holy Spirit. I encourage praying in the spirit and even more singing in the spirit as part of every prayer meeting. I have found it’s one of the easiest ways for me to connect with the Lord and begin to sense His presence.

5. Pray & Sing the Word – The easiest way for a prayer meeting to awry is when it is not based on the bible. Many people think that if you want powerful prayer meetings you need a prophetic word or dream to add some spiritual spark. While I love prophecy, dreams, and visions, I want to say it clearly – The MOST prophetic thing you can sing, pray or say is the Scripture. The entire Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t get any more prophetic than that. When we sing and pray the word our hearts come alive and we are guaranteed we have the answer to our prayers. God watches over His word to perform it!

Try these out in your next prayer meeting. Perhaps take a little time to do each. At first it may be a little mechanical but after a while you’ll find yourself flowing. God wants to you to enjoy prayer. It’s not supposed to be a drudge. Lean in and see if He doesn’t meet you with the pleasure of His presence.

What are some other ingredients you have found to help make prayer meetings enjoyable?


4 responses to 5 Keys to Make Prayer Meetings More Enjoyable

    Jovita Dominguez June 1, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    what i learned about prayer,
    1 To be able to have a purity in my heart, God look at a person with a pure heart.
    2 To be able to love people, God love His children. JOHN 3:16
    3 To be able to have a humble spirit,
    I always open my heart and invite Him into my life, and always have confidence that God is with me. To always know that my father is a King and as a daughter of a King , whatever I ask it will be given to me. Always have intimacy and to have a special relationship with Him. I call Him my Dad. I pray that God will open your eyes, your ears, and your heart, to know Him more than like never before, that your prayer and your relationship with him will be alive in you. May God bless you always.


    I would add avoiding giving too much time for people to give prayer requests. I have seen prayer meetings become “pray for my aunt’s sore toe and pray for my uncle Harry’s job and pray for….” The prayer requests become the focus rather than the Lord and true prayer.


    Thanks for the post! Keeping the Majesty of Jesus in the forefront is life-giving. Been really diving into Psalm 145 and amazed at how much time David spends on the front-end of the Psalm remembering and declaring the greatness of God. The greatness of God brings levels of hope and faith that encourage and sustain my heart.