God is the Center of Life – Excerpt from To Know Him

June 3, 2013

To Know Him 3-7CGod is truly mysterious—an expedition for an explorer, a journey for a discoverer, the pinnacle of all possible treasures to be prospected by man. It is our glory to search Him out.

The most magnificent journey of my life has been to seek for the knowledge of God. No ministry achievement or human accomplishment even compares to the brilliance of this quest. In fact, this quest is the entirety of every life’s journey.

When we imagine life to be primarily about us, as if we are the center around which everything else orbits, we have completely missed God’s design. He didn’t create life’s institutions to circle our world, responding to our whims, declaring truths about us. Rather, every one of life’s relationships and institutions declare Him. They forever orbit the One who created it all, continually testifying to His beauty, emotions, character, and nature. It is a disastrous error to imagine the world revolves around humanity. Though we may not admit this is our belief, often our approach states otherwise. We work and strain to better ourselves using chiefly human means.

Slogans such as “Be all that you can be,” “Five steps to success,” and “Build a better you” fill our minds and shape our culture. From this human-centered focus, we instruct others how to become better husbands, wives, employees, and people.

What if God isn’t interested in making a better you? What if He isn’t interested in making your life better or easier at all? That may sound like heresy to some because of the amount of teaching that affirms the contrary. But the testimony of Scripture offers a different view of God’s purposes and a different paradigm for His blessing.

For instance, Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are persecuted . . . for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 5:8, niv). That’s quite a different idea of blessing than that which comes through comfort and ease. I believe God wants to bless His people, but I don’t believe ease and comfort are the sole—or even primary—means by which He blesses us. Our view of this kind of blessing often causes us to go about life with a primarily human focus. With this view, we never dig even an inch deeper to find out if there’s more to it than what might make us happier or more comfortable.

I propose that life is not primarily about us; it’s primarily about God. All of life is about Him. All relationships, as well as the institutions of family, work, finance, and ministry are about God. They’re designed by God to declare Himself to us. God has placed us in the arena of life with a loaded set
of circumstances, all of which continually beckon to us of Himself. Like walking through an art gallery, admiring the handiwork of the masters displayed on pedestals and in portraits, all the channels of life declare the knowledge and nature of God. He made everything to tell us about Himself.

This brings us back to life’s purpose. If it’s not about our betterment, what’s it about? Simply: God. Life is about God. All of life’s interactions are about Him. He is forever telling us of Himself through each institution. And His primary interest in all of it is for us to come to know Him.

Life doesn’t orbit around us. It revolves around Him. Life is not about us becoming better. It’s about us coming to know God. And in the knowledge of God, we find blessing, meaning, and understanding (2 Pet. 1:3). Through encountering and knowing God, each one of life’s transactions becomes meaningful.” Billy Humphrey, To Know Him(Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2013), Used by permission

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