The Most Important Thing About Life

June 27, 2013

life-is-the-word-typographyThere’s a famous quote, “The most important things in life aren’t things.” This is so true. Unfortunately, in America we live as if things are the most important thing. In the church and out – we emphasize natural successes above nearly everything else. From an early age we educate our children so that they will be successful. I’m all for education and literacy, but because our motive is that they would be “successful”, we start them on a cycle of futility that will never satisfy. It looks something like this: We want them to do well in grade school so they can get into college. We send them to college to get a good degree. They get a good degree to get a good job. They get a good job to make a lot of money. They make a lot of money to buy a nice house and start a family so that they can have kids, send them to school and hopefully to college to get a good degree. What’s the point?

There’s more to life than making a lot of money. I’m writing primarily to young adults who have the voices of success pressuring you to be successful in this life. I’m telling you that the most important thing in life isn’t natural success, a degree, a lot of money, or any natural achievement.

The most valuable things in life cannot be bought. They aren’t assessed by a dollar amount. How do you value faithfulness or loyalty? What the appraisal on love or mercy? You can’t buy real friends or loving relationships. Money can’t buy the most valuable things in life. Money is a tool, nothing more. All of the priceless things in life are added to us as we pursue the most important thing.

So what is the most important thing about life? Perhaps it’s an understanding more than a thing. Life isn’t primarily about what you do or what you get. There’s a reason you’re here beyond any job you’ll ever hold or any earthly relationship you’ll ever make. Those things are important because they always speak to us of the most important thing, but they aren’t the most important thing. Once you land the most important thing everything else is just details. Here it is, you are here for one reason and one reason alone: Knowing God. The entirety of your life is about intimacy with Him. Settle it, you were constructed by your Creator with this one end in mind – To Know Him.

This is the lens that we must have if we are to make any sense of life. When you understand life is about knowing God, whether you are naturally successful or not doesn’t matter. You know it’s not about the amount of money in your bank account but the amount of revelation of God in your heart.

If life is about knowing God, our entire approach to life must change. It can’t be about how naturally successful we can be. It must be about how do we know Him more? There is an ocean of abandonment awaiting you in the pursuit of God. Too many are locked down, doing what’s “expected” of them while untold possibilities of encountering God are available for all who will inquire.

I’m calling you out of the status quo. Don’t settle down into an American mold of what is acceptable. Allow the Lord to direct you into a thrill ride of encounter. There’s no telling where God will lead you if you’ll allow Him to fully author your journey. Through pursuing the knowledge of God as your primary thing, God will direct you down paths you never would’ve chosen yourself. I know young people who started off pursuing the “American Dream” who are now pursuing “A Heavenly Calling” in places they never dreamed they’d go. Will you allow God to call you into the wild unknown of knowing Him? It’s what your life is really all about. I’m challenging you to take the plunge. Because knowing God is the most important thing about life.

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    This is a very powerful word to Western Chistians. We have reduced Kingdom living to the American “dream” and forgotten what real success is. Your statement that its not about how much money in your bank account but revelation in your heart that determines your success is so, so powerful. Jesus said it like this, “and this is eternal life, that you may KNOW Him…”
    A friend of mine made this observation about we western Christians, “you guys know him(the Lord) so well, you don’t know Him at all”
    Thanks for reminding us, without scalding us, that we need to return to simple Biblical lifestyles, founded on knowing Him and not just facts about Him.
    Pastor Mike Hendon


      @Pastor Mike, I feel the same burden for us in the West. I’m wrestling today with my own lack in the knowledge of God and my great need for revelation. Blessings.


        You know I was reading today in Genesis how Abraham gave Lot the first choice of the land. Lot chose what appeared to be the most fruitful(successful) path. But when it says he turned his face toward Sodom it meant his life followed his face(vision). Next thing we read where he’s not just faced but IN Sodom, vexed. I just wonder how much of Sodom has found a home in me. I have strived to BE successful. Even as a pastor “success” has actually taken precedence over Him. You have awakened something in me and I am asking for more revelation of Him. God is not looking for what we can DO for Him but what we BECOME before Him. Thanks. Keep pressing. It is making a difference.


        Thank you for your comment and honesty. We all need God to release revelation of Himself and deliver us from the Sodom of success in our hearts.

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