What’s Happening In Egypt and Why We Need to Pay Attention

July 9, 2013

Egypt RevolutionLast week I was amazed to watch the events unfold that led to Egypt’s second revolution within the last 2 years. Last Wednesday, Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s 5th president, was deposed after serving only a year in office. Over 22 million Egyptians signed a petition calling for His removal and some reports estimate 25 million attended public protests unto this end.

You remember that former Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, was ousted in February of 2011 after 18 days of revolutionary protests that also saw scores of Egyptians take to the streets demanding his removal. With Morsi’s ouster has come much resistance and violence. Some estimates place the death toll over 90, with the number injured surpassing 3000. Morsi’s supporters, many of whom are conservative muslims, have staged counter-protests and vowed bloody retaliation.  I believe it’s likely that Egypt is on the brink of full-fledged civil war.

Morsi’s supporters, specifically The Muslim Brotherhood, are deeply tied to Hamas, a known terror organization. They are not going to take his removal lying down. They will fight until they are vindicated. In other words we have only seen the beginning of the struggles in Egypt.

Not only are these events unprecedented in Egypt’s history they closely resemble Isaiah’s prophecy regarding Egypt in the end times.

Isa 19:2 “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian– brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.”

Read that passage again slowly.

Now recognize this: these words have never even remotely been fulfilled in Egypt…until now. Am I saying that we are definitively witnessing the fulfillment of Isaiah 19:2? In an effort to remain balanced, I can’t say 100% for sure. But my opinion is that it is VERY likely. And if that’s the case, we must WAKE UP to the hour we are living in.

Isaiah 19 is an extremely important end-times prophecy that includes the rise of antichrist (Isa 19:4), multiple judgment events (Isa 19:5-7, 14-17), a great move of the Spirit (Isa 19:18-22), and the return of the Lord Jesus (Isa 19:1). If in fact we are right now witnessing the fulfillment of Isa 19:2, then we are not far from the fulfillment of the rest of the chapter. This is a HUGE point that we cannot take lightly. You could almost say that Egypt is every bit the time-piece that Israel is in regard to the unfolding of end-time events. In light of all this what needs to be our posture?

1) Recognize the Hour is Urgent – Though signs of the nearness of the Lord’s return are all around, many in the church in America remain asleep. Though they may even agree that the Lord’s return is near it doesn’t translate to a lifestyle that is preparing for His coming. We must wake up to the reality of the nearness of His coming. If what you’re doing day to day doesn’t make sense in light of the end of the age, I encourage you, change what you’re doing.

2) Pray for Believers in Egypt – There are approximately 12 million believers in Egypt. This is an incredibly difficult time in the nation because of the upheaval. They need our prayers now more than ever. I visited Cairo earlier this year and was encouraged to hear stories from the believers of how God has been moving in power amidst the incredible crisis. Let’s continue to pray that the word of the Lord will run swiftly in Egypt and our brothers and sisters would be encouraged through the storm.

3) Study the Scriptures related to the End Times – The study of the end-times is not just for scholars it’s for the whole body of Christ. There are over 100 chapters in the bible that speak about the end of this age and the age to come. This must become a normal part of our scriptural diet if we are going to be prepared for the most challenging hour the earth has ever seen.

4) Give to Egypt  – The economic situation in Egypt is EXTREMELY difficult and promises to get worse. I encourage you to sow financially into the church in Egypt. Kasr El Dobara Church is in Cairo, located on Tahrir Square. I know for a fact that they are heavily engaged in giving to the poor and offering assistance to those in need. They are but one of many worthy ministries in Egypt who are helping make a difference.

This is a critical time in the earth. And what is happening in Egypt right now is only a foretaste of the global upheaval that is to come. I pray that your heart is stirred over the urgency of the hour and that it translates into a lifestyle that is readying for the coming drama that leads up to the Lord’s return. Even so, come Lord Jesus!


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    Thank You, Lord for the revelation and thank you, Billy, for this. Didn’t see it like this before.


    Thanks for the article. My family and I have lived in Cairo 2.5 years and will be returning at the end of the month. We truly love the Egyptian people and want to see more of them freed from the bondage of sin and despair. We look forward to seeing friends and others come to know Jesus as Lord.


    What is happening in Egypt is not the “2nd” revolution in two years. The first one never stopped. Its just a continuation of what happend two years ago when people who had no voice finally stepped up and said enough is enough. Also, this is not the first revolution or uprising in Egypts history. Recent history proves (1919, 1951 revolutions and the 1977 bread riots in Egypt) that Egypt has always had a strong but bumpy history filled with drama. (And that is just modern day Egypt, which is completely different than Biblical Egypt considering Britain and the west drew up the boundaries for this nation). It is pretty clear what Egyptians want, and why the revolution continued. The Egyptians do not want an insinuation of ancien regime forces of any kind in the post-Mubarak Egypt, whether neo-liberal robber barons, counter-revolutionaries, or political opportunists (Morsi).

    Also, one would think you would be happy about this continuing revolution. The military expelling Morsi largely guaranteed two huge things for both Israel and the United States. First, it pretty much guaranteed Israel’s safety from the south. Second, it ensured that the Suez Canal will remain free and clear to international trade.

    Anyways, the real reason for the continued revolution is most likely because of the economic state of the nation. Egypt continues to grapple with high rates of poverty and unemployment. Simply, the price of bread is too high for people to actually feed their families. In reality, its not really the people rising up against each other, but the people having tough economic times and wanting better living conditions.

    In a democracy, every person and religion deserves to have a say in the system. That is what Egypt is going to have to learn. How to include the Islamists, Christians, and Seculars in their government. It takes a while for any nation to pull together a workable democracy, especially when they lived under the leadership of a dictator for decades. In the USA we went through a revolutionary war, two rebellions, and a civil war before we were finally firmly established as a nation. Egypt needs time to work it out before we begin to make biblical predictions based off of a short two year window of time. While it is a difficult time for ALL people in Egypt (not just the 12 million Christians) it is a beautiful time as people seek to work out how to live in a completely different political environment then they were traditionally used to.



      Thanks for your comment.

      I agree that a more accurate explanation of the revolutionary movement is that it is a second wave of the same movement that began in 2010. That’s a clearer way to say it.

      As for the other revolutionary movement you mentioned:
      1919 – The Egyptians revolted against British occupation of Egypt and Sudan
      1952 – The CIA initiated and supported the overthrow of King Farouk. Farouk was forced to abdicate to his son.
      1979 – The Bread riots were a two-day protest by the lower class against Sadat’s proposed policy to cancel national subsidies.

      None of these protests/movements comes close to fulfilling the words we find in Isa 19:2. The current state of affairs is much different than these movements and more specifically mirrors the language we find in Isaiah.

      Thanks again for your comment. Blessings.


    All that said, Egypt is, most likely, in for a long period of violence, chaos and upheaval before it begins to enter the promised land of democracy. I know preachers though, and anytime a nation with some Biblical reference or leading role in the earth, goes through a time of transition, they get on their pulpits and compare it to Biblical scripture saying this is that and the time of the Lords return is near.