God Encounters – Testimonies from Egypt and the Middle East

July 10, 2013

The-Middle-EastIn April I took a trip to the Middle East, visiting four countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt) in ten day. It was a whirlwind. By the end I was physically exhausted but spiritually charged. My heart was filled with wonder at the testimonies I heard. I want to share a few with you to spark your vision and call you to pray for God to move in greater power in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. I have to be vague regarding locations and names for security sake, but just know that these are all testimonies I heard firsthand, asking LOTS of questions to verify the details.

Approximately Twenty Thousand Converts

“God is robbing Islam from within!” The statement from the veteran missionary of over 25 years startled me.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“He’s moving on the hearts of Imam’s and Sheik’s in powerful ways. We have received word of Muslim Sheiks who are teaching the bible in their mosques on a weekly basis.”

“Are you serious? How do you know that they are teaching truth?” I replied.

“I had the same questions.” He answered. “Then I was invited by several sheiks to discuss their faith. I sat down with them for several hours, in the mosque, and discussed the bible. At the end of the discussion the head sheik turned to me and said, ‘After all brother, we both know that Jesus is God.'”

If a Muslim makes this statement it is a complete departure from Islam – Muslims vehemently deny the Trinity. The missionary’s questions were answered. This sheik had rejected Islam, embraced the truth of the gospel, and received Jesus as Lord.

I was stunned. I came to find out that this particular evangelistic movement represents just one network of mosques. They currently estimate they have over twenty thousand converts from Islam. There is no telling how many more movements like this exist within the mosque structures of the Muslim world. Truly God is robbing Islam from within!

The Man in White

I was told another testimony of a missionary in a predominantly Muslim country whose ministry consists primarily of taking taxi rides. Five mornings a week she takes a taxi to the local coffee shop and each afternoon she takes another taxi home. It’s about a 20 minute ride from her apartment. She is careful to find a new taxi driver each time. She asks each driver the same question, “Have you ever had a dream about ‘The Man in White.'” 6 out of 10 answer affirmatively! That’s right, 60% of those she comes in contact with have seen Jesus in a dream. Each time a driver tells her he has seen Jesus, she shares the gospel with him, and ends up leading many to the Lord! I have received reports from pastors in the Middle East who estimate that 60-70% of those from a Muslim background in their congregations have had dreams or visionary encounters with Jesus. This is something God is doing throughout the Muslim world.

Another Taxi Testimony

Another young woman in a different, predominantly Muslim, nation was part of a Christian study group focused on prophetic evangelism. One morning she asked the Lord to speak to her about someone to share the gospel with. The Lord told her to take a taxi and tell the driver, “Jesus loves you.” – a risky proposition in a country that is violent towards Christians. She hailed a taxi and got in. As she looked at the driver she realized that he was likely a Salafist, an extremely conservative wing of Islam. She began to negotiate with the Lord offering to say, “God(Allah) loves you” instead of “Jesus loves you” – this would be less offensive. She felt the Lord firmly admonish her to use Jesus’ name. She wrestled with the Lord but finally gave in. She decided to wait until she was at her destination, get out of the taxi to pay the fare,  say, “Jesus loves you” and run off.

Her heart pounded as the taxi arrived. Quickly out of the car, she plopped the money in his hand, saying, “Jesus loves you!” As she turned to run, the taxi driver began to yell. Instead of violent disapproval, he was beckoning her to return. He was earnestly inviting her back. Timidly she entered the cab once again. The man explained that he had seen Jesus five times within the last month! The most recent was in his dream the previous night. Jesus told him, “A young girl will take your taxi tomorrow. She will say to you, ‘Jesus loves you’ as she gives you her fare. You are to ask her what you need to do to follow Me.” The girl was blown away to hear the man’s testimony. She shared the gospel with him and prayed with him to receive Jesus as Lord!

I talked personally to this girl’s pastor to corroborate the story. He verified everything telling me It had only been a few weeks since the man had gotten saved.

These stories represent only a fraction of the testimonies I heard while overseas. God is truly releasing a mighty harvest in the Middle East. The challenges are still very great, but the evidences of awakening are everywhere. One missionary explained to us that it used to take a month to find a person who was open to the gospel. Now, on any given day, he can find several people within a single afternoon who are interested and open to the gospel. I asked him what he thought the difference was. Without hesitating he said, “The prayers of many years are being answered before our eyes.”

Beloved, now is the hour to cry out for the turning of the tide in the Middle East. Let’s pray even more ardently for the gospel to go forth with power. Amidst much turmoil, the Lord is softening hearts, releasing signs and wonders, and testifying of the Deity of Jesus. Let’s believe together for the trickle to turn into a great flood of souls in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.


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    Amazing! I love the accounts of the dreams – every time I hear it it makes me smile! God is so good… He loves ALL His children and wants them to know Him! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!