God is Raising Up His House of Prayer in Mexico

July 24, 2013

Casa De OracionI’m in Cuernavaca, Mexico all week at the Casa de Oracion (House of Prayer). I’m speaking at a training program they host annually that draws about 100 young people from Mexico and Central America. Since I’m travelling I can’t keep up with my normal writing schedule, but I thought I’d give a little update on the house of prayer here and what I believe is coming for Mexico and Central America in the prayer movement.

This house of prayer is part of a network of over 50 houses of prayer throughout Mexico. Many of them are 5 – 10 people who pray 20 hours a week. It’s as if the Lord has started little fires all over Mexico that He intends to spread until they cover not only Mexico, but also Central and South America.

I preached 5 hours yesterday and am gearing up for another 5 hours today. The hunger among these young people is evident and contagious.They are soaking up everything like a sponge; Intimacy with Jesus, The Spirit of Revelation, God’s plan for Israel and the End of the Age, Revelation 10: Prophetic Messengers. One thing I have noticed is that the intimacy message explodes in cultures that speak a Romance language. As I preached simple truths on the love of God, many were touched and wept at the recognition of God’s desire for them. It convicted me afresh to dig deeper into God’s emotions for me.

The leadership here consists of the local church pastor, the house of prayer director, and several full time intercessory missionaries. The prayer room here is great. It overlooks a plush valley of flowers and vines. The worship teams are solid and gifted; flowing effortlessly in harp and bowl. They keep a prayer room schedule of about 60 hours a week and are desirous to grow to 24/7. If you are looking for a mission’s destination in Mexico that has a reach to Central America, I want to encourage you to partner with this house of prayer. Check out their website VenPronto.Com or contact the director @BenjiNunez on twitter.

There is such hunger among these believers, it’s apparent to me that we have only begun to see what God is going to do with night and day prayer in Mexico and Central America. I believe there will be hundreds of houses of prayer throughout the region. I see the house of prayer in Cuernavaca as a key hub for much of this movement. The fire of worship and intercession burns brightly within the Latin world. I’m convinced God is going to use this fire as a catalyst for the global prayer movement. The gifts of passion, desire and zeal that they carry are greatly needed within the prayer movement. What will happen as thousands upon thousands of Latin believers join the chorus of night and day worship that is sweeping the globe? My interest is piqued as I consider the prospects. I want to encourage you to pray for Mexico and pray for Central America that God would raise up His house of prayer.


4 responses to God is Raising Up His House of Prayer in Mexico


    Woo hoo! So exciting! I will be going to Cuernavaca in September to do Missions Training at Victory World Church’s training base! This blesses me so much! Hope that the team will be able to go to the prayer room!


    That’s super cool! I pray that God’s people will rise up as intercessors all over the magnificent country of Mexico!

    You might be interested in what I do: producing documentary video for missions organizations around the world, with a focus on Latin America. Check it out and let me know if we can serve together!


    Do you have à House Of Prayer in the Philippines?


    Billy, it’s awesome hear this testimony from you!! It makes me feel filled up with the dream of starting a House of Prayer in the North of Brazil!! So many prophets of God has preached and profetized about the revival that is coming to Brazil and I believe that prayer and intercession is the way to see how God can shake this nation through signs, wonders and miracles!