Daniel Fast – 21 Days for End-Time Revelation

August 7, 2013

danielfastLast week I got an email from Mike Bickle inviting me along with other leaders to join him in a 21-day Daniel fast in preparation for a Daniel Seminar he will be teaching at the end of the month. In the last few days Mike has put out a couple videos and an outline that explains in detail what’s on his heart regarding this fast and specifics of how to go about seeking the Lord in fasting and prayer. I want to encourage you to check those resources out.

When I got his email I was on vacation in Florida. I have to admit I was in more of a feasting mode than a fasting mode. But as I read the invitation my heart was immediately moved to go for it. I emailed our leadership team and there was unanimous agreement that we should participate and call our whole community to it.

One of the great privileges we have as believers in this age is to seek the Lord in fasting and prayer.  This is a distinctive for the Church, to humble ourselves in fasting and ask God to release revelation from His Word. We don’t earn anything from the Lord through fasting, we simply put ourselves in a place of voluntary weakness and allow the Lord to be strong in our lives.

This fast is specifically focused on receiving revelation from the book of Daniel. Daniel holds critical truths for the church at the end of the age including:

  • The rise and fall of Antichrist
  • The persecution and victory of the Church
  • The coming trials and deliverance for Israel
  • The glory of Jesus and the coming Kingdom.

The fast started Monday, August 5th and goes through Sunday, August 26th. I want to encourage you, if you feel the Lord’s leading on your heart, jump in on this fast. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, don’t worry. You can prepare the next few days and start on Monday, August 12th.

I personally sense God’s grace extended to us to seek Him in abandonment. If you decide to go for it, make sure you add extra time daily for prayer and study of the Word. Many of us are reading through the book of Daniel(takes a little over an hour) daily during this time. I believe the Lord wants to meet us with a depth of revelation.

Over the next several days I’m going to publish some of my personal study notes from the book of Daniel including some interpretive keys on some of the prophetic passages as a help to you. I’m believing for the Lord to breathe fresh upon many of us as we set our hearts to gain understanding, like Daniel did.

Feel free to dialogue in the comments section with any questions or thoughts you have. Let’s go for it!