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The Greater Glory

April 5, 2010

First off… My apologies for the lack of blogging during the month of March.  With the addition of weekly awakening services my schedule and life has been turned upside down.  Hopefully I’ll find the blogging rhythm once again. Here’s an update on the awakening meetings and some additional thoughts.

We just completed our 10th weekend of extended meetings and my heart is so grateful for all that the Lord has done and simultaneously so hungry for more of His presence. This past weekend we baptized 20 people and saw several more give there lives to the Lord. My favorite baptism was a guy that got saved, spirit-filled and slain in the spirit last weekend and then baptized in water, making a public profession of his faith, this weekend. The fun part is that he works at IHOP (the pancake place). Continue Reading…


As a young believer I remember hearing testimonies of men and women who had experienced power encounters with God. I had been saved from a life of dark sin and adopted the mentality that since I had gone after sin with great fervency I wanted to pursue God with even greater passion.  I wanted all that God had. Continue Reading…