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I felt great hunger in my soul as I shared this message on Pentecost Sunday, 2013

Smith WigglesworthThis the account of Smith Wigglesworth’s baptism in the Holy Spirit. The point that sticks out to me is that Wigglesworth had already received and endowment of power and was walking in healing and miracles, yet he knew there was more. He compared his own experience with what he saw in the lives of the apostles and it caused his heart to yearn for a greater baptism. I feel strongly that we must not build our theology around our barrenness. Too many are settling for less when so much more is available. We develop theology that supports our lack, rather than anchoring to the power we see demonstrated in Jesus and the apostle’s lives as our standard. If we would, as Wigglesworth admonished, “Only believe.” All things are possible to him who believes.” (I edited this testimony slightly to make it more readable)

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The following account is John G. Lake’s testimony of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Lake was an avid seeker of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. His testimony highlights how God answers hunger. A point that impressed me is that Lake describes the six months following this experience as a continual wrestle with God in which the Lord convicted Him of sin and brought Him to repentance. Rather than experiencing the immediate fruit of power, he experienced the immediate fruit of love breeding holiness. Lake’s ministry was hallmarked by 100,000 confirmed healings in Spokane, Washington, a huge testimony of the depth of encounter He had with God. How we need “these mighty shocks of power” today. (I’ve edited his account slightly to make it easier to read)

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finney3The following is Charles Finney’s testimony of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I’m struck by the sovereign-ness of the suddenly that overtook him. Undoubtedly there is an aspect of God’s sovereignty in the baptism of the Holy Spirit that we cannot control. Consider the apostle Paul’s testimony. We can’t do His part and He will not do our part. For the one who knows, there’s a necessary seeking. For the hungry but uninformed there is a heavenly supply adequate to fill the longing heart.

I pray that we too would experience the “waves of liquid love” that Finney experienced. Let this testimony pique your desire for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

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Longing for Pentecost

May 20, 2013


I was awakened by what sounded like a car wreck in our attic. The sound echoed and lingered. Our room lit up like a photographers flash. The frame of the house quaked. The explosion seemed like it was directly above us. Wave after wave of lightning followed with massive thunder claps.

“What time is it?” I thought.

I checked my phone…4 AM. It was an epic thunderstorm. One like I’d only experienced a handful of times. My next thought stirred the yearnings of my heart afresh.

“What day is it?”


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I Want to Burn

September 27, 2011

I want to burn.

I want to be gripped by the fire of God.

I’m provoked by stories of men who were wholly possessed by God. Roberts, Brainerd, Whitefield, Finney, Edwards, Seymour, Lake. Just the mention of their names stirs my heart and creates a longing for more of God in my life.

I’m equally provoked by my own dullness. I find my life too tidy, too presentable, too tame.  I want a heart that’s inflamed, consumed with passion, moving with fervor and zeal. How about you? Do you want to burn? Continue Reading…

Intercession for Revival

September 13, 2011

The greatest need in our nation today is Revival. In fact the ONLY hope for America is Revival. We must have a massive move of the Holy Spirit to answer the extreme problems we face.  Nothing else will do. There is no other prescription. God-birthed, God-breathed Revival that gives way to the Third Great Awakening is our only hope.

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Something unusual has happened here at IHOP-Atlanta the last few weekends. It’s difficult to explain any encounter with the Lord. You never want to hype or overstate anything. But simultaneously you want to credibly do justice to what has happened.  As I considered how I might faithfully relate what the Lord has been doing in our midst, I was reminded of Jesus’ words to John the Baptist’s disciples, “Go and tell … the things you have seen and heard…” (Luke 7:22). So here it goes… Continue Reading…