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TITLE - Longing for Pentecost.001

I felt great hunger in my soul as I shared this message on Pentecost Sunday, 2013


Smith WigglesworthThis the account of Smith Wigglesworth’s baptism in the Holy Spirit. The point that sticks out to me is that Wigglesworth had already received and endowment of power and was walking in healing and miracles, yet he knew there was more. He compared his own experience with what he saw in the lives of the apostles and it caused his heart to yearn for a greater baptism. I feel strongly that we must not build our theology around our barrenness. Too many are settling for less when so much more is available. We develop theology that supports our lack, rather than anchoring to the power we see demonstrated in Jesus and the apostle’s lives as our standard. If we would, as Wigglesworth admonished, “Only believe.” All things are possible to him who believes.” (I edited this testimony slightly to make it more readable)

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finney3The following is Charles Finney’s testimony of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I’m struck by the sovereign-ness of the suddenly that overtook him. Undoubtedly there is an aspect of God’s sovereignty in the baptism of the Holy Spirit that we cannot control. Consider the apostle Paul’s testimony. We can’t do His part and He will not do our part. For the one who knows, there’s a necessary seeking. For the hungry but uninformed there is a heavenly supply adequate to fill the longing heart.

I pray that we too would experience the “waves of liquid love” that Finney experienced. Let this testimony pique your desire for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

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As a young believer I remember hearing testimonies of men and women who had experienced power encounters with God. I had been saved from a life of dark sin and adopted the mentality that since I had gone after sin with great fervency I wanted to pursue God with even greater passion.  I wanted all that God had. Continue Reading…