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judgmentWe are all judgmental.

You are.

I am.

To one extent or another, everyone is.

In fact, the ability to make value judgments is part of our design.

Judging, by definition, is simply: forming an opinion or conclusion about something.

EVERYONE judges.

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The Olivet Discourse

February 2, 2011

I am currently teaching a class on Jesus’ Olivet Discourse – His clearest teaching on the end of the age.  Here is an excerpt of my notes on Matthew 24, which offers an outline of the entire chapter.  Hope it’s helpful for your studies.

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Josiah’s Reform

March 9, 2010

Last week a pastor in our city sent me a message telling me about a dream he had in which he was being choked by a demon. He could barely utter the name Jesus and when He did the spirit loosed it’s hold on his throat. The Lord spoke to him in the dream and said the spirit was the “anti-spirit of Josiah”.

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When Pat Robertson made his comments about Haiti it ignited a firestorm of criticism from a variety of sources from the White House to Whoopi Goldberg to Rick Warren.  Many took issue with Robertson’s content while others took issue with his tone. Few supported Robertson. Whether He was right or wrong regarding Haiti’s pact with the devil will be revealed by eternity. I must say that I am glad that Robertson’s comments struck a chord because it revealed much about how we view God and His judgments. So rather than dissecting Robertson’s comments I’d like to talk about the issue of God’s judgments.

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