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judgmentWe are all judgmental.

You are.

I am.

To one extent or another, everyone is.

In fact, the ability to make value judgments is part of our design.

Judging, by definition, is simply: forming an opinion or conclusion about something.

EVERYONE judges.

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bound4lifeAs my wife and I stood silently praying in front of the abortion clinic the woman across the street got increasingly agitated. She yelled at us, mocked us and continually called us haters. Over the course of the next hour, she held up signs that read, “Timothy McVeigh Fan Club” and “Haters.” She took pictures of us with the signs in front of us. The entire time, we did not talk or fight back, we simply stood there, silently praying for those entering the abortion clinic.

Ironically, after we finished, my wife said, “I’m pretty sure I know her.”

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dominos-fallingYesterday was a landmark day in our nation. Jason Collins became the first male professional sports athlete to come out of the closet as openly gay. He has received incredible support and encouragement from the likes of our President, First Lady, the NBA commissioner, and fellow pro basketball players and teams. I believe this announcement will have a more powerful affect upon culture than even a state legalizing gay marriage. Why is this so powerful? Two Reasons: 1) the stereotype that it breaks in professional athletics and 2) the widespread celebration by so many notable public figures. My guess is that this is a first domino in a line of many that are soon to fall.

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Years ago a friend of mine had a dream about the end of the age and the coming revival. He saw many things, but the key message of the dream was that the church at the end of the age would be known as a church of servanthood and love. These two charateristics would be important keys that would enable the church to operate in the power of God and see massive revival. Continue Reading…

Weakness & Meekness

April 25, 2012

As I started my sabbatical I had lots of plans to read, study, fast & pray. I was excited for the opportunity to go after God without any ministry commitments. It’s exciting to have a solid plan, but a real bummer when things don’t go according to plan. Needless to say my plans tanked with quickness.

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