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I wrote yesterday on critical components to establishing a specific culture in your church community. One component that is often overlooked is messaging. Many times leaders desire a certain culture, but their messaging actually inhibits the building of that culture. Leaders teach what they know. And so if they desire a certain culture beyond what they know it requires them to learn the messages that will build that culture. It can’t be an empty parroting, they must learn the messages at the heart level. A leader must be moved by the message himself, if he expects to move his hearers. Once he learns the messages, he can then declare them and begin to shift the culture. In developing a culture of prayer I have found several messages that are essential. I encourage you to give yourself to these messages until they move your heart and then begin to proclaim them in your community.

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CultureA great honor any leader has, especially a pioneering leader, is establishing the culture of a community. I remember in the early days of pioneering IHOP-Atlanta I was struck with the thought, “I don’t have to build anything I don’t want to build. God is giving me the opportunity to establish culture in our community in the way He leads. What a huge privilege!” From that time til now, developing and stewarding our culture has been a necessary, continual focus. I have found that ministry culture is a product of several components.

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prayer2Yesterday I wrote about the values of a praying church. Once the values are identified, another important question a leader needs to answer is, “What are we?”

What I mean is…is the ministry a church? A house of prayer? A missions base? What exactly are you building?

You mean to tell me there’s a difference?

For sure. You wouldn’t use the same strategy to build a skyscraper that you would use to build a three bedroom house. The strategy you use to build needs to be distinct to what you’re building. Continue Reading…