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Find My Body Near the Wall

September 22, 2011

I love this little poem, written by a Bound4Life’r inspired by an 18th Century Poet named Arnold.  It captures the heart and resolve of Nehemiah to see the wall built. It’s the heart commitment believers and those in the prayer movement must have as we forge ahead through spiritual battles and challenging trials.

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Intercession for Revival

September 13, 2011

The greatest need in our nation today is Revival. In fact the ONLY hope for America is Revival. We must have a massive move of the Holy Spirit to answer the extreme problems we face.  Nothing else will do. There is no other prescription. God-birthed, God-breathed Revival that gives way to the Third Great Awakening is our only hope.

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– Here’s a little article I just wrote for a leadership magazine that has a circulation to about 25,000 Pastor’s & Leaders.-

Many pastors and leaders desire to have powerful prayer ministries in their churches. Most understand that prayer is an essential foundation for ministry. Unfortunately many of our prayer meetings are sparsely attended, while many in our churches are fairly prayer-less. Oftentimes, efforts to cultivate prayer through sermon series or special events only inspire for a short time. After a month or two, interest wanes and we return to the place we began, desiring and needing more prayer.

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