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Back in the Game

April 23, 2012

After four months off preaching I am back in the game. I am at the end of a sorely needed preaching sabbatical. For nearly 20 years I preached 2-4 times weekly with almost no breaks. I had vacations during the last 20 years, but to the best of my knowledge, I never went more than 3 weeks without preaching a sermon. Yeah, crazy.

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I Want to Burn

September 27, 2011

I want to burn.

I want to be gripped by the fire of God.

I’m provoked by stories of men who were wholly possessed by God. Roberts, Brainerd, Whitefield, Finney, Edwards, Seymour, Lake. Just the mention of their names stirs my heart and creates a longing for more of God in my life.

I’m equally provoked by my own dullness. I find my life too tidy, too presentable, too tame.  I want a heart that’s inflamed, consumed with passion, moving with fervor and zeal. How about you? Do you want to burn? Continue Reading…

Something unusual has happened here at IHOP-Atlanta the last few weekends. It’s difficult to explain any encounter with the Lord. You never want to hype or overstate anything. But simultaneously you want to credibly do justice to what has happened.  As I considered how I might faithfully relate what the Lord has been doing in our midst, I was reminded of Jesus’ words to John the Baptist’s disciples, “Go and tell … the things you have seen and heard…” (Luke 7:22). So here it goes… Continue Reading…

How do I explain what happened this weekend?  It’s nearly impossible to communicate in a blog, but I will do my best.

Let me start by saying that I have a great distaste for hype or self-promotion.  I have a great value for reality and truth, especially when it comes to testifying of the works of the Lord.  I dont’ think exaggeration helps anyone. With that said, I hope what I share next stirs your hunger and faith.

This past weekend at IHOP-Atlanta we had a leadership summit with about 70 leaders from around the nation.  We were gathering to receive strategy and impartation to build the houses of prayer.  My good friend David Sliker, from IHOP-KC, has ministered with me and others in this event for the past five years. This year was different because He and I were the only speakers. Continue Reading…

This is a good summary of what’s happening at IHOP-KC.  I especially like the testimony of the woman whose teeth began to grow back underneath her dentures.  More LORD!

Awakening Sweeps over Int’l House of Prayer – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –