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This is a 5 minute video that gives a little of the backstory of how “To Know Him” came to be.


To Know Him 3-7COur culture tells us that success in life is based upon performance, position, and possessions. There are huge flaws in this mentality that lead to deep emotional brokenness. This mentality will lead us to base our self-worth upon our performance—we think if we perform well, we are successful, and if we perform poorly, we are a failure. Most who base their worth upon their performance struggle with shame and pride—shame because of supposed failures and pride because of supposed successes.

What if success in life has nothing to do with your performance but rather the depth of your knowledge of God?

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To Know Him 3-7CFocusing on yourself doesn’t revolutionize any area of your life. Transformation only happens through the knowledge of God. That’s right—the key to transformation is not trying to improve yourself, but rather to know God. While I agree there is always room for personal development and that as people apply themselves in any area, they will experience growth, God’s grace enables us beyond any of our human capacities. It is through humbly seeking to know God more that His grace is multiplied in our lives (2 Pet. 1:2). It’s not about bettering ourselves; rather, it’s about coming to know Him more.

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To Know Him 3-7C“I remember years ago when I first began to drink of the well of God’s affection for me. I had no idea of the
journey I was about to take, which was actually a journey into God’s emotions. I was in a difficult season in ministry.

I was a youth pastor and, as can be the case when ministering to teenagers, things weren’t going very well. I was in the middle of a youth ministry mutiny. Several of the young people had been very vocal about their dislike for the ministry and for me as their youth pastor. It seemed as if the more I tried to help, the worse things got. The truth is, it was only a handful of young people who were voicing their displeasure, but in those circumstances it can feel as if everyone is against you. I was wallowing in a den of self-pity, and so the problems I faced seemed far bigger than they actually were.

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To Know Him 3-7CGod is truly mysterious—an expedition for an explorer, a journey for a discoverer, the pinnacle of all possible treasures to be prospected by man. It is our glory to search Him out.

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