img_2906I have the best job in the world. It may seem crazy to some, but I am incredibly blessed to spend the greatest portion of my time praying to an unseen God in a mostly empty room. Prayer isn’t the only thing I do, it’s the first thing. Basically, I’m a guy longing to love and encounter Jesus with all my heart. I am also, among other things, the director of the International House of Prayer Atlanta (a mission base centered in live 24-hour worship & prayer).

This is my personal blog. My goal is that it would be a resource hub for you offering relevant and revelatory content that will aide you in your pursuit of God. If you’re a leader or aspire to be, this blog will help you with the nuances of leadership in our rapidly transforming church culture.

I’m asked regularly, “How can you do prayer and missions together?” Most people think you can only do one or the other, at times even pitting them against each other. There’s no reason to do this. These two kingdom mandates were never supposed to be separate and honestly they’ve  never been apart in God’s mind.

Right now the Lord is releasing an incredible convergence of prayer and missions and calling His church to engage in both. There is a tribe of believers who are taking this mandate seriously. If this resonates with you, you may be a part of this tribe without even realizing it.

My blog deals with the necessary paradigms for prayer & mission to operate hand in glove. The prayer movement is a missions movement and the missions movement is a prayer movement. Both are worship movements foundational to a great end time revival movement. All these streams are destined to flow as one river.

On my blog you will find posts about the message, mission, model and methods of the rapidly emerging prayer & missions movement in the church across the earth. I also occasionally write about current event and repost content that others produce along these lines.

I typically post 2-3 times a week. Monthly I publish interviews with leaders in the body of Christ to talk about prayer and missions. If you’d like to subscribe you can via RSS feed.


Josiah’s Reform

Pat Robertson, Haiti & Judgment

Pain & Purification

2012: A Season of Silence

Developing a Culture of Prayer

FULL BIO                                                                     

I attended the University of Georgia ’88-’91,  transferred to Georgia State University ’91-’92, ’98, where I received my B.A. in Public and Political Communication with a minor in Philosophy of Religion.

I worked as a sales manager for a small communications company from ’92-’94 while serving as the youth leader at Victory World Church in Norcross, Ga. In 1994 I transitioned into ministry full time as a youth pastor there, where I served until 2003.

In 2001-2002 the Lord visited our youth ministry with a powerful move of the Spirit that left me forever marked with a burning desire for God and for revival.

In 2003, after some amazing prophetic encounters, the Lord directed me to move to Kansas City to work with the International House of Prayer to learn the vision and values in order to plant the International House of Prayer Atlanta.

We planted IHOP-Atlanta in 2004 and by God’s grace the prayer room went 24-7 in February 2006. The prayer meeting that started in 2006 continues to this day and is the centerpiece of all the church and missions work that has emerged from the missions base.

Currently IHOP-Atlanta is home to 2 local churches, 5 internships, a full time ministry & music school, a full time mission school, GateCity Revival Network(local church network), Daniel Academy, Embracing Life Adoption Agency and multiple weekly justice and outreach initiatives.

I am the author of 3 books, the latest, To Know Him (June, 2013), is published by CharismaLife on their Passio Faith label.

IMG_2571I have been married to my wife, Maribeth, @MariLHumphrey, since 1992. We have four children who are the love of our life.

I spend my free time with my family doing just about anything they want to do and I LOVE bass fishing.

The best way to contact me is via this blog or through twitter at @BillyHumphrey1


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    I was in Atlanta this week on business and stumbled across IHOP Atlanta via the web. I decided to check out your Awakening service one night. As soon as I walking in the place I felt such a unity and power of God’s presence. On a personally note I have been trying to draw closer to God by really putting Him first in my life. It seems that the cares of this world have been stealing my joy, time and peace. I joining in with you guys worshiping and praising God. Immediately I felt the heaviness and weightiness of life begin to fall off of me. It amazes me how God knows right where we are at all times. He is always ready and willing to hold us and clean us up when we are a mess.

    I want to personally thank you Billy for being a man of God. You spoke about Studying God emotions and His affection for us. I know that I received healing and a deeper hunger for my creator. I appreciate the honesty, humility and transparency that you exhibit. God truly has His hand on you and the IHOP Atlanta family. Again thank you for being a willing vessel.

    Charlotte, NC


    Podcasts are one of the best inventions and your work with Christ is how I get to experience that….Thanks for your dedication brother. I’m prayerfully considering a “NITRO” experience. Just gotta raise all the finance and maybe Jan 2011 I’ll be stateside…ie KC. By the way, everyone I give a cd to with your ‘casts’ I get feedback of tears and conviction….WOW!


    I have been listening to this audio cd that has several of sermons and I came across yours and it’s called gatekeepers. I love it and I did lots of searched for you on youtube.

    I was wondering if there are any cd’s that you may have of your sermons for sale. Please let me know.

    your Brother in CHRIST,

    Lupe Cantu

    Andrew Carlson May 28, 2012 at 6:44 am


    It is good to hear you again on podcast.
    I’m now living in South Africa, previously I was in the Middle East for two years.

    God has poured out an anointing on you and I am grateful for it. I listen to Ihop podcasts whenever I can here and stirs my heart each time in my relationship with Christ.

    You see outpourings of healing here in South Africa. People are open to the word of God and you are seeing great fruit.

    Many Blessings,

    Andrew Carlson


    Your revival message was so incredible today. The Holy Spirit and anointing was certainly all around us in IHOP.

    My family and friends were just wowed by how the Holy Spirit uses you as a vessel for the Kingdom. We pray for the IHOP missions and church and for you Billy.

    We are so grateful to have IHOP so close to us here in Georgia. It helps to fill us with the spirit each week and throughout the week.

    Your anointing is incredible and we are so happy to have IHOP and your anointing in our lives. God bless you and your family and IHOP.

    Everyone needs a House of Prayer!

    Christine J Bocim


    Long time, pal.
    Actually another life time ago… Glad to see you devoted your life to Christ! (sort of figured you would, you had that connection)

    It took me a bit longer than you, finally found him in 2000 and He has changed my life!
    Married with three daughters – GOD is good!
    Keep doin what your doin.

    An old friend in Christ!


      Greg! Incredible to hear from you my friend. If you’re around Atlanta I’d love to catch up and hear your story sometime. Huge Blessings BRO!


        Actually, not too far from you, in Suwanee. Do you have an email address I can send my contact info to? Id rather not post my personal cell phone on here.
        Can’t wait to catch up.
        Your family looks beautiful!

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